Let our ELVES do the shopping for you!

Let our ELVES do the shopping for you! image




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Teaching kids the spirit of giving and ensuring that every child has a memorable holiday.

Your contribution will help ensure that we continue to provide children in need with toys during this special time of year. By making a cash donation, our elves can do the shopping for you! Our elves have the North Pole's inventory, down to the littlest car and doll, and will make sure your dollar has the greatest impact and serves the most kids possible.

We greatly appreciate your cash donation and remind you to visit Kids 2 Kids Christmas at Kapco in Grafton, on December 15th and see all the toys these contributions have provided.

The list below are examples what your generosity can fund:

  • $25 for 2 Kids
  • $50 for 4 Kids
  • $100 for 8 Kids
  • $150 for 12 Kids
  • $250 for 20 Kids
  • $500 for 40 Kids